Univention Wildfly Application Server

A flexible, lightweight, managed application environment


WildFly Application Server Version: 9.0.2 Vendor: Red Hat License: Freemium

WildFly (former JBoss AS) is the premier Enterprise Java application server for companies: Build your applications in a flexible, lightweight, managed application environment! (see http://wildfly.org/about/ Copyright Red Hat, Inc.)

After Oracle has stopped the commercial support for the GlassFish application server, WildFly is the only Java EE 7 full profile compatible application server based on open source with a bright outlook for the future.

  • Used successfully for more than 15 years and developed by a community of IT architects and software engineers, developers, programmers, designers and project managers, software producers and IT service providers, industry and commerce, etc.
  • Exceptionally Lightweight: an aggressive approach to memory management enable WildFly to run with stock JVM settings and also on small devices. It also leaves more headroom for application data and supports higher scalability.
  • Modern Web: WildFly supports the latest standards for web development. Web Socket support allows your applications the ability to use optimized custom protocols and full-duplex communication with your backend infrastructure. This is particular useful in communicating with mobile devices.
  • Fast Linking & Concurrent Loading: The dependency resolution algorithm in JBoss Modules is O(1), which means that classloading performance is not affected by the number of versions of libraries you have installed. Classes are loaded concurrently, allowing for quick class discovery and loading, even on large deployments.
  • Smarter Development: The quick boot of WildFly combined with the easy-to-use Arquillian framework (component model for integration tests) allows for test driven development using the real environment your code will be running in. Your test code is separate and simply deployed along side your application where it has full access to server resources.
  • Integration in the UCS User Management: Creating a user in the WildFly Application Server is as simple as adding an already existing user in your UCS system to a group.